Maja Sobura - Industrial Designer

Industrial Designer


My name is Maya. I was born in Katowice in a typical industrial region in Poland. It strongly influenced on my way of thinking and designing. My projects are simple and expressive. I base my work on an exact research and personal intuition. And it has never let me down.

I’m not afraid of experimenting. I really like to try new materials and methods of production. I like to know how things are made, how do they work and how to improve them. I focus on process of design and try to show it in my works.

Another very important side of my work is humanism background. In my opinion psychology and anthropology are one of the most important aspects in designing process. Because of knowledge about the man we are able to make a useful and valuable product.

I am emotional, strong and energetic person. I always identify with my projects and get involved with them. Because of my intuition and a readiness to see the possibilities in anything new I am fast in finding a solution to solve problems.